About Us

How Can We Help?

Our board members are here for you. We work hard to be a resource for our community and a connection to the City of Pasadena. Do you have ideas about how we could do that better? Come to our monthly board meetings at Eaton Canyon Golf Course Restaurant (10th Hole Bar & Grill) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

We do not meet in July or August.

All UHRA residents are welcome. 

Get Involved!

Volunteers help us make our vision a reality.  Additional board members and block captains are always welcome. Are you the kind of person who gets to know your neighbors or has visions that could make our neighborhood better? Please join us.  

Thank You

We host events for neighbors like you. Thank you for your time, support, and dues donations which make these events possible!


Need to Pay Annual Dues?

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Have you paid your annual dues? The $20 dues donation to our not-for-profit volunteer homeowners association covers liability

insurance, printing/postage for The Lariat, holiday display storage, disaster bags which are distributed to residents as each block is trained on Map Your Neighborhood, expenses for the annual meeting, National Night Out, pancake breakfast, movie night, holiday Light Up, scholarships for student residents, and donations to our local public facilities such as Hamilton Park and Hastings Branch Library. We would love to do more activities, but we need the budget. Every household makes a difference. You can PayPal us at uhradues@gmail.com. To avoid extra fees use ONLY your bank account and the “family & friends” category. If you’ve already paid, thank you for supporting the Upper Hastings Ranch Association. We all benefit from having an active association. Your contribution helps us make it happen.